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A plethora of conditions affected by a magnesium deficiency.

The benefits of  topical/transdermal magnesium therapy are way to obvious to ignore. This is evidence based natural medicine anchored in scientific reality.

Magnesium is more important than calcium, potassium or sodium and regulates all three.

The improper use of magnesium among health professionals and the population in general, is deeply responsible for many of the failures encountered daily in treating chronic health conditions worlwide.

The majority of the population is magnesium deficient. Contrary to common belief, magnesium deficiency is still very common even amongst those who already supplement it regularly. Why? Due to misleading information presented in common magnesium texts. As a result, magnesium remains largely misused and the problem goes on undetected.

Since 99% of magnesium resides inside living cells, blood serum levels are not a good indicator of magnesium deficiency. In other words, your doctor can't really tell you by a blood test if your levels are too low. Most North Americans, 8 in 10, do not consume enough magnesium.

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Posted on 13 Jul 2007 by subtle
Magnesium and Calcium

While we have no reason to question the importance of calcium in bone strength, we have plenty of reason to doubt the value of consuming large amounts of calcium currently being recommended for adults and young people alike.

If you are eating properly, you are already getting sufficient calcium (appoximately 800 milligrams daily) into your body. Milk drinkers may get 1200-1500 milligrams from their diet alone and without proper magnesium restoration may result in calcium overload.

Sadly a significant percentage of adults consume more than 2000 milligrams of daily calcium; the point where side effects of overdosage begin.

Posted on 08 Jun 2007 by subtle
Magnesium Therapy in Sports Medicine

Magnesium chloride from natural sources for topical use is a new and exciting breakthrough in sports medicine.

Athletic endurance and strength performance increases significantly when a large amount of magnesium is delivered transdermally/topically and also enhances speed of recovery from athletic activity or injuries.

Equally it is important in overall energy (ATP) production, hormonal and enzyme production and function, and just about everything else in biological lvertisement about this product, is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat any known or unknown health problem, illness, or disease, or replace the advice of your primary care provider. No risks, liability, or responsibility is assumed or implied by the sellers of this product, or for the information provided by the sellers, authors/editors, and/or agents. Any and all risks, use or misuse of this product and related information are the sole responsibility of the consumer.

Posted on 06 Jun 2007 by subtle

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