All natural Magnesium (Cell mg) products to provide instant relief of aches & pain, stress, soreness. Helps with arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pregnancy, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, bones, nerve, brain and muscle functions.
We perform holistic assessments, therapies and treatments. We also manufacture and distribute natural source topically-applied cellular magnesium products...Explore the benefits of Subtle Energy Therapy in person or at a distance...Subtle Energy trade show & presentation eventsSubtle Energy Therapy is a holistic clinic based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...Subtle Energy Therapy Website Links... 

Transdermal Magnesium Health Resources: 
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This is our premier magnesium oil spray on from the most natural and pure minerals available from the Dead sea, magnesium gel and magnesium bath salt website.
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Welcome to Phaelos Books & Media works where humanism, intelligence, cooperation, transformation, positivism, self-reliance, hope, energy, and love are the guiding principles of our non-denominational phaelosophy.
  "A new cancer paradigm; one that is based on an understanding that cancer is ultimately caused by multiple interacting factors that combine to invite primary yeast and fungi infections to destroy your life." By Dr. Mark Sircus.


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