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Magnesium Chloride: What It Is and Does

Magnesium is a natural mineral, both in seawater and the earth’s crust. It is also present in every cell of our body, and vital to our health and well-being.  And magnesium chloride is a particular type of magnesium that dissolves especially well in water.

“The Chinese ideogram for ‘magnesium’ consists of the symbols for ‘mineral’ and ‘beautiful’, hence it was known to traditional healers in China as mei , the ‘beautiful mineral’ and it’s importance in both preventative health care and curative therapeutics was clearly recognized. Following the guideline that food is always the best medicine, particularly in the prevention of disease and degeneration, the traditional Chinese diet contained abundant supplies of this mineral.”*

So what does this mean for our body and health? Since the human body is approximately 75% water, we need water to live. Therefore, it stands to reason that we take in, in one form or another, water soluble substances. Simply put, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that mix well with water are taken into the body faster and used more efficiently.  This isn’t to put down fat soluble nutrients, (ones that mix well with fats/oils), just that our body needs more water compatible ones.

“The form of magnesium which the human metabolic system recognizes and assimilates most readily is magnesium chloride, the same form contained in sea water, but very few nutritional supplements on the market today include this type of magnesium. And the simple secret of proper administration and optimum assimilation of magnesium is to apply it transdermally, i. e. via the skin, not as an oral supplement.”*

Magnesium numerous functions include but is not limited to: ATP (energy in the actual form of light) production; maintaining healthy cell wall membranes; assisting other minerals, enzymes, and vitamins; red and white blood cell formation; heart, nerve, muscle and connection tissue functions; protects against mental, emotional, and hormonal imbalances, helps balance/regulate blood sugar and blood pressure; and helps protect against many types of cancer.

The conclusion is that getting the right type of magnesium and keeping our bodies replenished is imperative to good health, maintaining well-being, and to assist in recovery, in the event of illness. Magnesium Chloride is well documented to do just this.


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