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Article Review: Magnesium Chloride for Health and Rejuvenation

Published in Nexus New Times Nov-Dec 2008

Barbara Bourke and Walter Last wrote a great article on Magnesium. In this article they explain that magnesium is a nutrient compound from evaporated seawater. "This mineral is treasured for its ability to promote health and vitality, treat numerous diseases, combat the aging process, and fight infections."

Walter Last is a retired biochemist and nutritionist, and he shares his vast knowledge of nutrition and the importance of this trace mineral. Apparently our food sources have diminished in their supply of magnesium, partially due to an excess of calcium. Proper body function requires a balance of calcium and magnesium. With so much of our food raised using artificial fertilizer, further decreasing the mineral content that we need.
We are calcifying our tissues! What does our body do with the excess calcium in the blood? It dumps it in numerous places in the body, wherever there is some chronic inflammation. What does this lead to? The calcification of joints, such as arthritis. declining hormone production. calcifying kidneys, leading eventually to the need for dialysis. Calcification of breast tissues, especially the milk ducts, a condition that is often treated with mastectomies and other invasive practices.

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